Israel Apartments & Real Estate

Welcome to Apartments Israel! We offer a great variety of furnished apartments for temporary rental and properties for sale in the best locations of Israel such us Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Herzlyia, Herzlyia Pituach, Eilat, Haifa and more...


Buying an israeli property:

Real estate in Israel: by the israeli law, only licensed Israeli Real Estate Brokers can intermediate between property sellers and buyers. Pablo Krell, CEO of Apartments Israel is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Israel.

Apartments Israel have created a competitive sales division. Over the past 8 years, our CEO was the head of sales of DeptosTemporarios, an argentinian Real Estate company. Has brought buyers everything from single apartments to entire buildings.

We have built our clientele and consumer base through a work ethic and reliability unparallel in this market. We respond to emails and phone calls imediately, answer questions to the fullest extent, and make sure that everything you are considering is in your best interest. We want you to get the best returns possible, as we hope you'll be listing your property with us. Your success is our success.

If our service isn't reason enough, let us explain why it makes absolutely no sense to consider buying real estate here in Israel without us:

In Israel, the buyer pays 2% + VAT commission. Yes, the BUYER pays commission. Now, many interested buyers learn this, and decide it's better not to use a real estate agent so that they can avoid this fee. That is INCORRECT! You will be paying more than the 2% + VAT commission regardless, it just depends to whom. Either your money will be split between buying and selling agents, or, if you go it alone, you'll be paying the selling agent the full 2% + VAT and hoping that he will do everything properly! You will have to locate your own lawyer for the inscription of the property. Even if you can negotiate a solid rate, you'll still be depending on their reliability. You'll be placing your investment at risk for absolutely no reason!

Many foreigners find a property they like, view it, and then contact us when they realize the commission is unavoidable. Unfortunately, by that time it's too late. They have already gone and seen the property with the selling agent. Now if we contact them and claim you as our client, they will refuse to split commission with us stating they already did all the work. In this case, our hands are tied.

So, Contact us BEFORE seeing any properties. You will be saving yourself time, money and stress!

We look forward to doing business with you!

Note: Israeli VAT is 18%, so the Real Estate commission will be 2% + (18% of the 2%).